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    Omega Tower Defense 2 (flash Game)


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    Omega Tower Defense 2 (flash Game) Empty Omega Tower Defense 2 (flash Game)

    Post  realmadridstar on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:03 pm

    Omega Tower Defense 2 is an maple story mesos amazing game that will grab your attention and keep you awake all night.

    The graphics and not as good as a PC game but this is a flash game after all. Even without the great graphics that games is very nicely designed and it requires some skill and thinking in the future if you want to win.

    Most people refer to this type of games as "tower defense" or "TD" so i also call it "tower defense".

    It all started with Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne as blizzard introduced some "tower defense" maps that i remember how much fun they were. After their success many people started creating their own "TD" type games.

    There is so many "TD" type games that i can't even count them. Most of the tower defense type games tend to be focused on building towers and not letting the "mobs" or creatures get to the other side of the cheap mesos map or get to your base.
    There is also other "TD" games that have evolved and would have other things like units you can send and fight or you would have your own hero and directly interact with the "mobs".

    Lets start with the review.
    The game begins by you selecting the level of difficulty you want to use and as soon as you are done, begins a small tutorial which will guide you in building and upgrading your towers.

    After that you can start building towers and when you run out of money you will have to press resume to start the level and the "cheap maplestory mesos mobs" will start coming from the top left corner of the screen and they will follow the road of the map you choose.

    Try to cover as much of the road as you can with as less towers as you can.
    Make sure that as soon as you have some money you upgrade your towers and start saving for a more expensive towers which are better and do more damage.

    As you go through the waves the game will start to get harder and you will have to upgrade and get new towers so you can survive. If the mobs get to the other side of the map you will lose a life so don't let them get there.

    If you find a tower defense game that you can actually build on the road or there is no road its a good idea to build towers in a labyrinth pattern.

    After you play few times you will get the hang of it buy maplestory mesos hopefully beat the game after surviving all the waves.

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