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    Vizzio's GameMaster Application


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    Vizzio's GameMaster Application Empty Vizzio's GameMaster Application

    Post  Vizzio on Tue May 17, 2011 10:09 pm

    Name : Nate

    Age : 17

    Gender : Male

    Location : Tennessee, North America

    Timezone : Central Standard Time (-6:00)

    GM or Developer app: ManGOS, Trinity, and Arcemu GM style

    How long you can be ingame in your timezone: Weekdays 4:00 PM- 11:00 or 12:00 PM (-6:00)

    Your Windows Live Messenger ID :

    How long have you played World of Warcraft? How long have you played World of Warcraft Private Servers?: I have played WoW since TBC first came out. I have played private servers for 2 years.

    On a 1 through 10 scale, how would you rate your overall knowledge of the World of Warcraft game?: 8

    Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience?: Was a GM on several servers. Had my own for a while. Was a GM on Eternal-Wow

    Are your currently in any type of schooling?: Graduating High-school soon.

    Do you have trouble typing fluent and correct English while typing at anytime? This includes grammar and spelling: I don't have any troubles really. Unless there is a typo.

    Are you able to make your own schedule?: I can make my own schedule. I have done this several times before.

    Are you an independent person, capable of making good decisions? Explain: If i don't think a decision is that great I ask seniors (More Experienced GM's) on what I should do. I am an independent person in my opinion.

    Why would you like to join the staff?: I would like to join the staff to ensure the happiness of the players in-game. I also LOVE to help out. I am a very generous person, as you probably learn in the future.

    what do you have to offer that no one else can?: I am very experienced in multiple emulators like Arcemu, Trinity, and ManGOS. I also know about the databases EX: How to make accounts, GM's, Plain characters, Game version roots ex: 24= WTLK

    How or where did you find out about our server? When did you join our community?: I joined recently but i LOVE this community. I found this community on trying to find a nice private server.

    Any Programing and/or developing skills you have? If so please list examples...
    I am experienced in DDoS and multiple other types of that stuff. I protect the communities around me as best as i can.

    In conclusion, please tell us whatever you would like about yourself: I was born in Nuremberg, Germany. Lived there for 4 years, enough to learn quite a bit of German. Then i moved to the US. Baton Rouge, Louisiana became a home to me until i was 7. Then I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee which i still live in now.
    P.S= I am experienced in Photoshop, databases, and know some HTML

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