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    Consi's Game-Master application <3


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    Consi's Game-Master application <3 Empty Consi's Game-Master application <3

    Post  asdxx on Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:06 am

    Name :


    Age :


    Gender :


    Location :


    Timezone :


    GM or Developer app:

    I would like to apply for Game-master

    How long you can be ingame in your timezone:

    I can be online on my GM account 6hours in a day atleast

    Your Windows Live Messenger ID :

    I dont have & Using skype : Qiners585.

    How long have you played World of Warcraft? How long have you played World of Warcraft Private Servers?:

    I played wow since I was freshman at school, I played retail '' and I m still playing for the moment '' I play other servers Also I got R1 on much servers But the experience doesn't matter for Game-master

    On a 1 through 10 scale, how would you rate your overall knowledge of the World of Warcraft game?:

    I would lie to myself If idont say 10.

    Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience?:

    I have experience as Game-master 2years & Head GM 1year
    I can prove more when this application accepted maybe. '' With screens''

    Are your currently in any type of schooling?:

    Yes, I have 18years old It means school.

    Do you have trouble typing fluent and correct English while typing at anytime? This includes grammar and spelling:

    I have fluent english-Arabic-French-Spanish, Enough for Game master I guess so. I hired much GMs  Without any other fluent languages except English when I was head-GM . English the more important for me.

    Are you able to make your own schedule?:

    No. But if it's needed I will.

    Are you an independent person, capable of making good decisions? Explain:

    Yes, I am. I can use Database and Give decision about accepted/deny GMs, Giving decision about zones, I can also pay after GMing for a while, for Helping our Server.

    Why would you like to join the staff?:

    I would like to join the Staff because  I got experience as GM, because I have experience as Game-master Familiar with much private server and Live, Because I do know the job ''HOW TO'' and I love making people have fun <I have much extra professional events> for having players fun.

    what do you have to offer that no one else can?:

    If this application accepted the first offer That I like to do is buy some donation coins with '' real money '' and make some events and give donation coins for the winners. It's the important offre to attract players.

    How or where did you find out about our server? When did you join our

    I found this server by Ownedcore. I was looking for some servers who are needing help but I got this server finally.

    Any Programing and/or developing skills you have? If so please list examples...


    In conclusion, please tell us whatever you would like about yourself:

    A GM must be patient, kind, friendly and helpful, with fluent  languages.
    But the most important quality of GM is patience.
    The players too, need to respect the Game-master, and read the player rules before playing.

     Im very active on the forums, and ingame  for help any player, making events, Decent player ingame, I have experience on Retail, I have an account retail atm, But im not very active, because I wanted to be GM on wow-cruel, active forums,ingame.  I love people having fun, I can be online even every  Nights.

    Add my skype If this application accepted please : Qiners585

    Sorry for color of answers, It taked me much times already... Hope the admin can read it =)

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