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    Brainsick's GM App[EU]


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    Brainsick's GM App[EU] Empty Brainsick's GM App[EU]

    Post  Brainsick on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:37 pm

    sorry , but i used my own " format " to apply for the GM job Smile hope its fine for you guys Smile

    1. What is your real full name?
    Martens Jordy

    2. How old are you?
    22 , turning 23 in November

    3. Where are you from?
    Im from Belgium ( speak Dutch , English & a lil bit French )

    4. Which time zone are you in? ( Ex., EST / PST )
    GMT +1

    5. How many hours a day can you play? How much Per Weekend?
    It depends on my working hours , one week im working from 06-14 and the other week im working the 14-22 shift .. so as soon as i get home ..

    6. How many hours a week (approx.) you can contribute to GM duty?
    See the question above

    7. Have you ever been a GM on another Private server? (Being a GM on your own server, does not count.)
    yes ,

    8. If Yes , What was the name of the server(s)? (Leave blank if you answered NO to question 7.)

    Shoupz Wow
    Fortune WW
    HC Wow
    Belgiums Finest
    indestructable core

    and some other small time servers
    9. Do you have good knowledge of ArcEmu GM Commands?
    yes , i know all most of the Arcemu(or Ascent like they called it before )and also know most of the Mangos commands ..

    10. Do you have a problem with authority or have you had issues in the past?
    Tbh , no i dont have issues with authority , cause i work in a company there are always people above me so im used to listen & " obey " to there orders ..and if i have some issues im sure we can discuss these things in private and solve it as an adult

    11. What qualities do you possess that could be beneficial to our server ?
    one of my " bad " qualities is that i always try to give the best i can .. for my company its not bad and maybe not to the server , but sometimes it takes up some " special " time with loved ones .. if u get my drift xD , so its how u look at it , another good one is that im always in for a goood laugh BUT !.... serious when needed

    12. How many times have you voted for us? (Atleast 5)
    so far i did 3 times .. since i noticed the " add " on mmowned

    13. What is the most important aspect of GM duty?
    For myself as a player? a gm would be someone that knows the game and can help me out when im in trouble , also a important aspect is : he needs to be up for a good laugh or some fun stuff from time to time( to break the daily habbit )

    for me as a gm? : well i would try to be online as much as i could be , and try to help as many people as i can ( doesnt matter if im on ticket duty , event duty or what ever .. ) most important part for me is : to make the players happy and the hackers out .. cause QQ players & hackers f*ck up the game for other players ..

    14 . What is your main characters name on our server?
    Since i havent had the chance to log in i dont have a main char but it will be called brainsick like my forum account ( to make it easy on everyone )

    15. Do you have any experience with a ArcEmu Emulator?
    yes , cause i started my gm jobs with the old Ascent emulator .. ( pre Arc )

    16. Have you had experience as a gm on a ArcEmu server in the past?
    yes , see the list above , some worked with ascent so thats almost 100% the same ..

    17.What makes you think you are qualified to be a GM on National-WoW?
    Tbh , its not up to me to say why or whatever , cause im not in the staff here so ill leave this space open for the staff [ just in case check Question 13 ]

    18. Imagine, you see a hacker, you got his name but not his IP or account name, whats your next move?

    from the moment i know his name i can do the following command : .ban *char name* *with or without the reason .. *

    or , i wait till one of the admins get online pass the character name to them so they can look up who's character it is .. so they can lookup in the db who's account it is and decide on the ban or not and the time for the bann..*depending on the hack or " crime " ...

    so thats my gm app for the server hope you like it , sorry for the bad english but im from belgium so im giving it the best i have

    hope to see you all in game soon bounce

    , Also : im available on vent if needed , i got a headset and the client ,

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    Brainsick's GM App[EU] Empty Re: Brainsick's GM App[EU]

    Post  Brainsick on Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:08 pm

    k got my wow up and running soo you can find me ingame : Brainsick ( so far only char :p )

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    Brainsick's GM App[EU] Empty =D

    Post  Mythic on Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:09 pm

    Hello, BrainSick

    I sorry to request (Because you already submited an app.) To redo it To our server expectations.

    You may NOT Work for another server during Your Gm Term Here.
    You may not apply for another server's Gm and or Developer Position.
    If you are found of doing such you will be banned From Wow serenity.

    Also, Bear in mind our Servers Gm/Developer Rules

    Game Masters must be ready to:

    1. Help other players
    2. Read tickets
    3. Be kind and polite to other players
    4. Respect other players (including Staff team)
    5. Take orders from higher ranked staff members
    6. be on watch for hackers and trouble makers

    A Game Master can not:

    1. Abuse his powers
    2. Ban other players
    3. Kick players without a reason
    4. Snoop around on duty
    5. Give items/gold/spells/skills/levels to other players
    6. Treat a player unpleasantly

    As you can see we do not tolerate if you ban other players (Although!)
    We want you to ban hackers for 1 day and report them to the forums,
    if your ban was false and without a prove, your powers will be taken away from you and you will be banned from WoW Serenity permanently.

    Hope this helped you, and made you think of the consequences that will cause to you if you do not follow these rules.

    Brainsick's GM App[EU] 1269408393365copy

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