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    Game Master Rules: [Must Read]


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    Game Master Rules: [Must Read] Empty Who has a better chance of getting hired?

    Post  ShadowStalkr on Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:57 pm

    Well here on serenity, while hiring new people to join our staff we look for members that.....
    Are active on the forums
    Active in-game
    Positive personality
    Cool talents
    A passion to succeed
    Good luck to all those applying.

    Also keep in mind you have to have an active forum account and ingame account for at least 3 days before you can apply. You must also reply on the forums timely or you will be auto denied. Any little aspect that we don't find appealing in a gm, and we WILL deny you, this isn't easy becoming gm here. Don't expect it so.

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    Game Master Rules: [Must Read] Empty Game Master Rules: [Must Read]

    Post  zift on Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:28 pm

    If you got accepted here on Serenity WoW as an in-game Game Master then you MUST read these rules.
    If you did not get accepted, feel free to read if you want to, it helps you too if you see an Game Master doing something that he/she can't do inside of our realms.

    These rules are the rules of an Game Master, what an Game Master can and can't do inside of Serenity WoW.

    Take your time to read these rules. Smile

    Game Masters must be ready to:

    1. Help other players
    2. Read tickets
    3. Be kind and polite to other players
    4. Respect other players (including Staff team)
    5. Take orders from higher ranked staff members
    6. be on watch for hackers and trouble makers

    An Game Master can not:

    1. Abuse his powers
    2. Ban other players
    3. Kick players without a reason
    4. Snoop around on duty
    5. Give items/gold/spells/skills/levels to other players
    6. Treat a player unpleasantly

    As you can see we do not tolerate if you ban other players (Although!)
    We want you to ban hackers for 1 day and report them to the forums,
    if your ban was false and without a prove, your powers will be taken away from you and you will be banned from WoW Serenity permanently.

    You read that you take orders from higher ranked staff members,
    in that order you (an Game Master) follows only the rules of the Head Game Master and the Owners of Serenity WoW,
    It can come down to those circumstances that you follow Developer's rules too, only if an Owner says what Developer that is.
    You do NOT take orders from same ranked staff members and if you see a staff member abusing/hurting/making fun of, on other staff members, do report it to an Head GameMaster or Owners of Serenity WoW via forums, making it false will lower your reputation on the staff team and can get you fired.

    An Game Master can not spawn/delete/adjust in-game objects/NPC's.
    Doing so can get you fired off the team.
    (Although!) if you got permissions from higher ranked Staff members you are allowed to do so.
    An higher ranked Staff member does not joke around about the server and does take it seriously, we suggest you to do so also.

    An Game Master must stay on duty when in-game, he must answer opened tickets, you can take a break once a while, this is not slavery. Razz
    We understand if you have something to do in your personal life, just stay active on the server and you will be all fine Smile

    If you do not follow these rules, then you can consider yourself fired off the Serenity Staff team.

    I wish you best of luck on the team if you got accepted! Very Happy

    -zift Exclamation

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    Game Master Rules: [Must Read] Empty Re: Game Master Rules: [Must Read]

    Post  Crøw on Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:45 pm

    In addition to the rules you adhere to,

    I looked through here and suggested half these apps not be considered simply because alot of them fail to answer a really simple question.

    what do you have to offer that no one else can?

    I mean all people seem to love posting these bland apps that everyone else posts. What can you bring to the table that the crowd of a hundred havent offered us? what makes you so fucking special?

    Answer that and you can be considered, if not your applicated seems halfhearted and shitty.


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    Game Master Rules: [Must Read] Empty Re: Game Master Rules: [Must Read]

    Post  Crøw on Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:23 pm

    IN addition to all this bullshit and stuff.

    YOU REQUIRE VENT AND A MIC! if you dont have a mic, we maybe able to pass you if you can get in vent.

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    Game Master Rules: [Must Read] Empty Re: Game Master Rules: [Must Read]

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