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    zift - Retired on Serenity


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    zift - Retired on Serenity Empty zift - Retired on Serenity

    Post  zift on Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:47 pm

    Hey guys,

    As the title says i am Retired on Serenity now,
    I don't have much time for WoW nor Private servers so i decided to quit for a while,
    I will check on the forums now and then, but due to this is because i have my own personal life too, I practice on guitar, i am getting into a band soon and i´m getting a job too.
    I have a GF too that i want to meet allot more often,

    Crow told me i could join again whenever i like with my same position,
    but i doubt that will be soon.
    I had a nice time with you guys but real life comes first as always,
    although, you may ask yourself why i joined and left so soon, well the thing is i was offered to be an GM first then i got promoted by Shadow.

    So don't take me wrong please Smile
    I might consider joining the team again in the near future, its all down to how i do in my personal life.

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    zift - Retired on Serenity Empty Re: Retired!

    Post  Kintaro9117 on Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:48 pm

    you will be missed sir Smile

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